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Kay Davis – Tenor, Jacque Reinig – Lead,
Carolyn Speer – Bass, Christina Monsolino – Baritone
Contact: [email protected]

The Cuckoos

Once upon a time (ok – it was 2008) a group of birdies gathered in the tree tops to compete in a Crazy Quartet Contest.  They perched themselves in a nest and commenced to rehearse their feathers off, only pausing occasionally for water and birdseed (ok – Chocolate).  It was love at first chord and they decided to become an “official” flock and rehearse regularly  (ok – get together, laugh A LOT and sing a bit).  Tenor Cuckoo Kay, Lead Cuckoo Jacque, Baritone Cuckoo Christina, and Bass Cuckoo Carolyn, blend their voices in Barbershop Harmony and always manage to find a way to “Cuckoo-ize” all their songs.The Cuckoos are available to fly to YOUR nest to sing for your flock. Contact Cuckoo Kay (303.957.7015) to schedule a performance.

Sherry Feller – Lead, Marchelle Carlton – Baritone,
Kathy Cowan – Bass, Barb Myers – Tenor



Daytimers Quartet    

 Was formed to meet the requests for work week, daytime performances. We are not registered, and do not compete. Our goal is to represent High Country well, and gift all *profits to the chorus. AND, we get to sing, a lot! 🙂 (*after coaching, costumes and sometimes gas) On Dec. 14, 2011 We sang for the employees at the DDRC. (Developmentally Disabled Resource Center)
This was the second year in a row, what a joy to sing for these wonderful folks.

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Four To The Bar
Trudy Pardee – Baritone, Debby Hartke – Bass, JC Ford – Lead and Gail Shannon – Tenor

Four To The Bar
While Four to the Bar is a fairly new quartet, having competed only in one regional contest so far, the four members individually have years of barbershop singing experience and additionally have blonde, brunette and redhead hair color covered. The name Four to the Bar of course refers to a time signature of four beats to the measure, but does make reference to where you might find the quartet after a performance. Baritone Trudy Pardee, member of High Country Chorus, and bass Debby Hartke, who sings with Skyline Chorus, are sisters who grew up singing German folk songs with their mom. Trudy is trying to sneak German words into their barbershop songs and so far has managed the word “wunderbar.” Lead JC Ford and tenor Gail Shannon both sing with Skyline and make up the rest of the Barflies. 

Harmony Works
Sherry Feller – Lead, Lisa Granrud – Baritone,
Carol – Bass, Barb Myers – Tenor


Harmony Works Quartet Harmony Works formed in 2009, and our current bass, Carol joined us in 2011. Barbara , Sherry, and Lisa are members of High Country Chorus, Carol is a member of Chapter At Large, and all are part of the Sweet Adelines International organization..Our goal is to provide our audience with listening pleasure, singing a cappella harmony in the barbershop style. We have made a commitment to entertain “somewhere” at least once a month.Singing is our passion and we pursue excellence through education and coaching. We compete every year in order to evaluate our growth as singers.You may book us for your group at [email protected] or via phone, 303-452-0479.
Joy ride

Joy Ride!
Lindsay Pfannensteil – Tenor, Cathy West – Lead,
Tonya Alazidi – Baritone, Denise Livo – Bass



Joy Ride  

“Joy Ride!” Quartet is a vocal group performing four –part harmony in Barbershop style.  These four women, all members of Sweet Adelines International, combine their love of barbershop harmony with a great sense of fun to provide entertainment to audiences of all generations.  From “old fashioned” favorites to stirring patriotic anthems to 50’s do-wop – Lindsay, Cathy, Tonya, and Denise hope to make you want to sing along.  Members of the quartet come from High Country Chorus, a medal-winning mid-size chorus in the Rocky Mountain region.  Joy Ride! is always happy to share information on how to become part of the many choruses in the area, from small to large groups and from Greeley to Colorado Springs.  You can also visit us on the web at  www.rmr8.org or call Cathy at 303-618-3906.  The ladies of Joy Ride! welcome questions after a performance.


Ruby Blue
Rebecca Richards – Baritone, Jocelyn Nguyen – Bass, Heather Tavel – Lead, Cindy Wadsley – Tenor
Contact: https://www.facebook.com/rubyblue.quartet


Ruby Blue

The members of Ruby Blue have had the pleasure of singing together since November 2009. It hasn’t taken them long to develop into a cohesive ensemble, both on and off the stage, and continually look forward to every rehearsal where they are able to improve their craft. They have been on the teaching faculty for the Young Women in Harmony program at the Summer Harmony Camp in Estes Park for four years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Sharing the beauty of the barbershop style is a large part of Ruby Blue’s reason for existence, so you’ll likely find them performing wherever they go!

With a shared sense of humor and passion for singing barbershop harmony, the members of Ruby Blue have become close friends. Ruby Blue won the 2015 Rocky Mountain Region 8 Quartet Competition and will competition the Sweet Adelines International Competition that will be held in Las Vegas in October 2015

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